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You plan to use OSPFv2 on several Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches. Which setting must match on the neighboring switches to establish adjacency?

A.    the LSA arrival time
B.    the dead interval
C.    the last flood scan time
D.    the retransmit interval

Answer: A

After removing a VMM domain from an EPG, you discover that the associated virtual port groups remain in the VMware vCenter configuration. What causes the virtual port groups to persist in the configuration?

A.    The MAC addresses that are learned by the ports of the spine switches are incorrect.
B.    The port groups are being used by a virtual machine network adapter.
C.    The MAC addresses that are learned by the ports of the leaf switches are incorrect
D.    There is a mismatch between the data center name in vCenter and the VMM controller policy.

Answer: B

When troubleshooting VXLAN, which interface is the source of all the encapsulated packets?

A.    VTEP loopback
B.    SVl
C.    VLAN
D.    vPC

Answer: A

What can prevent you from adding an interface to a pre-existing port-channel on a CISCO Nexus N7K device?

A.    The port-channel is In LACP passive mode.
B.    The interface already assigned to a different port-channel.
C.    The interface has been allocated to a different VOC.
D.    No shutdown was issued on the interface.

Answer: B

Which two ports must be open on a VMware vCenter server to allow communications to a Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch? (Choose two.)

A.    80
B.    443
C.    21
D.    2010
E.    20

Answer: AB

From Cisco UCS Central, you plan to add two Cisco UCS domains that use the same name for the WWPN pool. What must you do to ensure a successful Integration?

A.    Rename the pools to have the same name.
B.    Assign WWPN pools to Different users.
C.    Move the WWPN pools to different organizations.
D.    Remove duplicate WWPN pools.

Answer: B

You install a new DIMM in a Cisco UCS C-Series standalone rack server and that DIMM is not recognized by the server. What actions do you take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Remove an old DIMM from the blue memory slot and install the new DIMM there.
B.    Verify that the DIMM has been qualified to work on Cisco UCS servers.
C.    Return the DIMM for a new replacement.
D.    Remove and dispose of the bad DIMM.
E.    Verify that the DIMM is in a slot that supports an active CPU.

Answer: BD

Which two commands will show all the MAC addresses learned from remote sites in an OTV overlay? (Choose two.)

A.    show otv route overlay
B.    show otv vlan
C.    show ip arp
D.    show mac address-table
E.    show otv site

Answer: AD

Which command must you use to identify an active VIF for a particular blade in a Cisco UCS B-Series chassis?

A.    scope service-profile server [blade_slot]
B.    show cluster extended-state
C.    show pinning border-interfaces
D.    show service-profile circuit server [blade_slot]

Answer: C

In Cisco UCS, which logs are used to troubleshoot hardware failure?

A.    system event log
B.    audit log
C.    gateway logs
D.    system log

Answer: A


Drag and Drop
Two fabric interconnects fail during a Cisco UCS firmware upgrade. Drag and drop the recovery steps from the left into the correct order on the right.

Drag and Drop
Drag the Cisco UCS Manager maintenance actions on the left to the correct descriptions on the right. Not all options are used.

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