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Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is configuring a new
XenApp 6.5 farm in order to provide the Sales department with access to a new
CRM application. There are 400 users who will be accessing the application, and
the application load testing shows 512 MB of RAM utilization for each user
during peak time. XenApp will be installed on virtual machines, and the virtual
machines will be hosted on XenServer hosts. All three of the XenServer hosts
have the following hardware specifications:
1. Dual 6 core CPU
2. 96 GB of
3. 300 GB SAN storage
The Citrix Engineer needs to ensure that users
can access their XenApp resources in the event of a server hardware failure.
Based on Citrix Best Practices, what would be the recommended configuration?

A.    Create a pool with three hosts.
B.    Create three
pools with one host each.
C.    Create a pool with two hosts and enable
D.    Create a pool with three hosts and enable HA.

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to set up
logging to monitor a Workload Balancing related issue in a XenServer
implementation. The engineer wants to capture maximum detail about this issue
before reporting it to Citrix Technical Support. To increase the level of detail
that will be captured in the log file, the engineer should _________ and
__________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    open wlb.conf in a text editor
B.    open logfile.log
in a text editor
C.    open auditlog.out in a text editor
D.    modify the
configuration options
E.    enable logging for a specific trace

Answer: AE

Scenario: Nether Tech has a XenDesktop farm with
Windows 7 desktops. Users are accessing their virtual desktops from different
bandwidth and latency connection types. Which setting should the engineer
configure in a Citrix User policy in order to optimize moving images?

A.    Enable Adaptive Display. Disable Progressive
B.    Disable Adaptive Display. Disable Progressive
C.    Enable Adaptive Display. Enable Progressive Display with Low
D.    Disable Adaptive Display. Enable Progressive Display with
Low Compression.

Answer: A

Scenario: Nether Tech’s corporate policy requires
that passwords are NOT requested for XenApp passthrough connections, except for
those that pertain to members of the Nursing Users group. Nurses connect to
XenApp servers hosting applications in the Nurses Worker Group. Click the
Exhibit button to view a list of the policies configured in the
An engineer needs to prioritize the three policies
so that only members of the Nurses group are prompted for passwords when they
connect to their XenApp resources. What is the correct order of prioritization
for the policies from lowest to highest?

A.    Unfiltered, Nurses, Corporate Users
B.    Corporate
Users, Nurses, Unfiltered
C.    Unfiltered, Corporate Users, Nurses
D.    Nurses, Unfiltered, Corporate Users

Answer: D

Scenario: Nether Tech recently upgraded to
XenDesktop 5.5 and implemented a new VoIP system. Virtual desktops have been
integrated with the VoIP system. RTA (Real-time Audio) over UDP has also been
configured. Which two steps should a Citrix Engineer take to optimize RTA/UDP
traffic in the XenDesktop implementation? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a Citrix User policy.
B.    Create a Citrix
Computer policy.
C.    Enable Multi-Stream in the policy.
D.    Increase
overall session bandwidth limit.
E.    Set the audio redirection bandwidth
limit in the policy.

Answer: BC

Scenario: An engineer has been instructed to
implement a new XenApp farm. The IT Manager at Nether Tech wants idle sessions
for server hosted applications to be disconnected after two hours and idle
sessions for XenApp server hosted desktops to be disconnected after eight hours.
There is a separate domain group policy which disconnects idle sessions after
four hours. The XenApp servers hosting the server hosted desktops are in a
worker group named Apps. The XenApp servers hosting the server hosted desktop
are in a worker group named Desktops. Several Computer policies are configured
in the environment. Click the Exhibit button to view the list of configured
Computer policies.
Users are complaining that their idle sessions are
disconnected after four hours. What must the engineer do to meet the
requirements stated in the environment?

A.    Remove the Domain Group Policy.
B.    Disable Domain
Group Policy Inheritance.
C.    Change the Domain Group Policy to 8
D.    Change the Domain Group Policy to 2 hours.

Answer: B

Scenario: As part of the designs for the
XenDesktop site and XenApp farm at Nether Tech, a Citrix Engineer is instructed
to ensure that all auto-created printers use the Citrix Universal Printer
Driver. As the deployment phase begins, a home user is experiencing issues
printing to a locally attached printer. When print jobs are sent to the printer,
the pages print, but only with strange characters on them. To resolve the user’s
printing issue, the engineer should create a Citrix User policy and __________.
(Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A.    set a session printer to the user’s default
B.    set the client printer names to legacy printer names
C.    set the client printer names to standard printer names
D.    set PCL5c driver
at the top of the Universal driver preference list

Answer: D

Scenario: Nether Tech’s head office, which has
over 400 employees, is located in the city center of Amsterdam, where the
majority of the employees rely on public transport to travel to and from the
office. During the winter, a significant amount of disruption is caused when
staff cannot get into the office. Nether Tech wants to ensure that staff can
connect to their corporate desktops from their home computers or corporate
issued laptops during times of disruption. Nether Tech has a XenApp farm
already. This farm can be accessed externally and all staff members have access.
Nether Tech can only spare two virtual servers to facilitate a solution that
will allow employees to access their own corporate physical desktops. Any
solution must allow employees to work directly with their own corporate physical
desktops. Which solution will best suit Nether Tech’s needs?

A.    Deploy two XenApp servers to the existing farm and
publish the RDP client.
B.    Deploy two XenApp servers to the existing farm
and publish a hosted desktop for all users.
C.    Deploy two desktop
controllers to the existing farm and use XenDesktop to publish each user’s
D.    Deploy two desktop controllers servers to the existing farm
and use XenApp to publish each user’s desktop.

Answer: C

Scenario: In order to complete the rollout of a
new XenApp farm, a Citrix Engineer is required to set a policy to allow all
client printers to auto-create for the domain group called Accounting Users.
Their current unfiltered Citrix policy is configured to only auto-create the
client’s default printer. The engineer must also ensure that any changes made
will NOT affect other users in the farm. All the XenApp servers are in a single
worker group. Which three actions must the engineer take to allow the Accounting
Users group to receive all of their printers? (Choose three.)

A.    Increase the policy priority.
B.    Decrease the
policy priority.
C.    Assign the policy to the Accounting User
D.    Assign the policy to the existing XenApp Worker group.
E.    Create a User policy and set the policy to allow the autocreation of all client
F.    Create a Computer policy and set the policy to allow the
autocreation of all client printers.

Answer: ACE

Scenario: The IT Manager at Nether Tech has
decided that users will access the XenDesktop site and XenApp farm using a
single Web Interface site. A Citrix Engineer created and configured the site for
users to access both XenDesktop and XenApp resources. When they initiate their
first logon to Web Interface, users only receive their published applications
from XenApp. The zone data collector for the XenApp farm is xa1.cch.local. The
controller for the XenDesktop site is xd1.cch.local. The XML port for both
servers is 80. Click the Exhibit button to view the farm configuration for the
Web Interface site.
Which change must the engineer make in order for
users to see resources from the XenApp farm and XenDesktop site?

A.    List the xd1.cch.local server as the first
B.    Move xd1.cch.local into a XenApp Services site.
C.    Set
the XML transport to HTTPS for XenDesktop.
D.    Move xd1.cch.local into a
separate Web Interface farm.

Answer: D


Scenario: A Citrix Engineer added a new
XenDesktop site into the same Web Interface site that currently provides access
to resources in the XenApp farm. When the engineer began testing access to
virtual desktops in the environment, the engineer noticed that the Citrix
Desktop Viewer window and toolbar for Citrix Receiver did NOT appear. To enable
the Citrix Desktop Viewer, the engineer should add ShowDesktopViewer=On in the
_________ file. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)


Answer: D

Scenario: Engineering users within the Nether
Tech environment require access to the different XenApp published applications
from multiple devices in order to execute simu- lations for their lab exercises.
Applications are published in a single XenApp farm. Remote access into the
environment has NOT been configured since the Engineering team works mostly
internally. A Citrix Engineer has configured the XenApp farm to point to a
centralized license server which has 100 per user/device licenses. How will the
XenDesktop licenses be checked out from the license server when users access
multiple XenApp published applications from multiple devices in this

A.    1 license for each user
B.    1 license for each
C.    1 concurrent user license
D.    1 license for each user and
each device

Answer: A

Scenario: In order to minimize compatibility
issues in the Nether Tech XenApp farm and XenDesktop site, a Citrix Engineer
implemented a policy that set the printer driver option to “Use Universal
Printing Only.” This policy is assigned to all users. The engineer is in the
process of importing a new network printer server and assigning session printers
for users in the XenDesktop site only. Upon initial testing, the engineer
noticed that none of the assigned session printers were being created in the
users’ sessions. What should the engineer do to solve this issue?

A.    Stage the printer drivers on the XenApp servers.
B.    Stage the printer drivers on the XenDesktop images.
C.    Modify the policy
to allow the installation of native printer drivers.
D.    Modify the policy
to enable the Direct Connections to printer servers setting.

Answer: B

Scenario: Nether Tech is reviewing its disaster
recovery plan. Currently, users access pooled virtual desktops, and they use
office productivity applications from within their desktop sessions. Business
critical applications are hosted using XenApp Advanced Edition and are
accessible from within the pooled desktops. The XenServer hosting infrastructure
for Nether Tech’s disaster recovery site has the ability to support 50% CPU and
memory capacity compared to the primary datacenter in the event of a failover.
All servers in the primary datacenter are currently averaging 70-80% CPU and
memory utilization. Which delivery method would allow business critical
applications to remain available to all users should a disaster occur?

A.    Pooled Desktops
B.    Offline Applications
C.    Assigned Desktops
D.    Hosted applications

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is assigned to
manage a datacenter environment that consists of XenServer, Provisioning
Services, XenDesktop, and XenApp. Provisioning Services is used to stream vDisks
to XenDesktop and XenApp images. The current environment consists of four
physical servers running XenServer and a single physical server running
Provisioning Services Currently, there are 750 users in the environment.
Extensive testing has shown that each XenServer host can support XenApp and
XenDesktop workloads for up to 200 users and the Provisioning Services server
can stream images to 4000 virtual machines. Management has just informed the
engineer that a recent acquisition is going to add 1200 users to the
environment. Management also desires that the datacenter be fully redundant so
that the loss of one physical server does NOT impact business continuity. At
minimum, the engineer will need to add __________ new XenServer hosts and
__________ new Provisioning Services servers to support the new workload and
make the environment redundant. (Choose the correct option to complete the

A.    6, 0
B.    6, 1
C.    7, 0
D.    7, 1
E.    8, 0
F.    8, 1

Answer: D

Scenario: Several IT administrators, engineers,
and managers are participating in the first round of testing based on a
segregated environment. The IT department hopes this testing will give them
early insight into these users’ experiences, as well as resource requirements.
Which two types of testing fit this description? (Choose two.)

A.    User Acceptance
B.    System Acceptance
C.    Operational Acceptance
D.    Implementation and Backout

Answer: AB

Scenario: During the initial assessment of
Nether Tech Inc.’s environment, the Citrix Engineer assisting the Citrix
Architect was denied access to the storage environment due to contract issues
under review. However, the resident storage engineer provided the Citrix
Engineer with information on the features that the existing remote storage
system supports. The existing remote storage supports: Storing virtual machines
Automating virtual machine placement Resizing disks Thin provisioning Which type
of remote storage possesses these types of capabilities?

A.    NFS
B.    NetApp
C.    Fibre Channel
D.    iSCSI

Answer: B

Which three things should a Citrix Engineer
consider in the Nether Tech Inc. environment when assessing preparedness for an
application virtualization implementation? (Choose three.)

A.    Memory utilization
B.    Number of servers
C.    Citrix Profiler Version 1.3.1
D.    Network and disk resources
E.    Average and peak utilization of CPU

Answer: ADE

Which two options exist for creating the
Organizational Unit for the desktop delivery controllers (DOCs)? (Choose

A.    Use theXenDesktop SDK.
B.    Run theXenDesktop Setup
C.    Run the Active Directory Configuration Wizard after
D.    Use Active Directory to manually create the service
connection point.

Answer: CD

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. managers all have
company-issued laptops that are used for local and remote access while
traveling. In the current environment applications are installed on each laptop.
Currently, the IT staff maintains these laptops. Which type of user profile will
best support this model and require the lowest amount of administration?

A.    Local
B.    Roaming
C.    Mandatory
D.    Citrix
Profile Management

Answer: A

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