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Which three types of WLAN data, location, and voice testing should be included in the installation customer report? (Choose three.)

A.    Results of the coverage audit performed with the site survey mapping tool per media installed on 802.11a/b/g/n networks
B.    Results of the WCS planning tool
C.    Results from Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster failover tests
D.    Results of a location readiness test
E.    Results from a WCS WLAN client audit
F.    Results from an ISP throughput test

Answer: ADF

Which three types of information should be included in the post-installation customer report? (Choose three.)

A.    VLAN structure and naming convention
B.    Throughput and dB loss for all fiber-optic backbone connections
C.    Naming convention for APs and controllers
D.    Reachability status for all WLAN clients and tags
E.    The number of licenses consumed by clients and tags at installation
F.    Any locations in the WLAN coverage that are secure and require special access

Answer: ACE

Which three components make up a Statement of Work? (Choose three.)

A.    Post-survey recommendations
B.    WLAN testing information
C.    A list of changes in scope
D.    Survey type
E.    A list and description of locations to be surveyed
F.    Confirmation of timeline and cost
G.    A list of equipment required to perform network analysis

Answer: DEF

A new client has contacted you to design a WLAN solution for a new 30-foot high-bay warehouse that will use high-lift electric forklifts. The warehouse is currently empty except for storage racks. The customer is planning to continue to use their existing wireless barcode scanners and also deploy wireless IP phones for communication. Which four issues do you need to consider prior to performing the site survey? (Choose four.)

A.    Which protocol do the wireless barcode scanners and IP phones need to use?
B.    Which types of goods will be stored in the warehouse and what is the expected average warehouse capacity?
C.    Do any planned WLC locations exceed 100 meter cable distances?
D.    Is there sufficient clearance between the roof and the top of the racks for placing APs?
E.    What is the expected humidity level in the warehouse on average during the year?
F.    Are there any secure enclosures that use chain-link fence that will require wireless access?

Answer: ABEF

Which three are logistical issues that need to be taken into consideration prior to performing a site survey? (Choose three.)

A.    What level of client density and throughput is expected for each WLAN cell?
B.    Will security clearances be required to perform the site survey?
C.    How much time will be required to survey each potential AP location?
D.    Will contractor badges and employee or union escorts be required while performing the site survey?
E.    Is access available to customer employees so initial interviews can be performed?
F.    Will any facility orientation be required prior to performing the site survey?

Answer: BDF

You have completed a WLAN site survey for a customer. Which two pieces of information will need to be included in the final customer report? (Choose two.)

A.    Client association report
B.    Client inventory
C.    Printed cable scan certification results
D.    Map location of all APs and controllers
E.    WCS device inventory report of only the AP, WLC, and location server (MSE)

Answer: CD

When performing a site survey, what is a typical usable range for client signal strength?

A.    -70 to -90 dBm
B.    -60 to -80 dBm
C.    -45 to -65 dBm
D.    -30 to -50 dBm

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. What is the most likely cause of MAP1 association to MAP2 instead of directly to the RAP?

A.    Incorrect BGN
B.    Default BGN
C.    SNR
D.    Absorption and scattering caused by weather conditions.
E.    Incorrect radio configuration

Answer: C

A Cisco 1250 AP is deployed for a/b/g/n using version 7.0 software on 802.3af PoE. What are the three deployment results of the 5 GHz radio on channel size, spatial stream, and data rate? (Choose three.)

A.    1 spatial stream
B.    20 MHz
C.    150 Mb/s
D.    72 Mb/s
E.    144 Mb/s
F.    2 spatial streams
G.    40 MHz
H.    300 Mb/s

Answer: ACG

Drag and Drop Questions
Drag from the left the material type, and drop it under its relative attenuation level on the right.


Update Passleader Cisco 642-732 Practice Tests PDF Dumps Free Download